May 2020 - Caldera Launches MaskFactory, an Innovative Initiative to Support Customers and Meet Demand for VIDOC Protective Masks19

Caldera, a French software developer dedicated to the printing industry has announced the launch of MaskFactory. The goal of the platform is to meet the growing demand for masks for individuals and to support the activity of Caldera's printing customers, which were put in difficulty during the COVID-19 health crisis.

The MaskFactory platform allows the creation of personalized face masks using visuals or design chosen online. Manufactured according to the French AFNOR standards, they are then shipped to the customer's home.

Caldera employees had the idea of creating MaskFactory when they were faced with the difficulty of obtaining masks for their families. It was the shortage of certified masks that prompted them to launch this initiative.

Indeed, consumers need to be reassured but they also want to appropriate this new accessory which has become essential for everyone's health. Decorated with unicorns, lower of the pattern of your choice, it becomes easier for everyone (even children) to wear face masks. 

Sébastien Hanssens, Vice President Marketing, Operations & IT at Caldera, explains: "As a parent, it's difficult to get face masks that the whole family and children feel comfortable wearing. The idea behind MaskFactory is to bring some lightness to these difficult times by making it easier to order fun and colourful masks. Customers will be able to design their own certified masks by choosing from thousands of images and designs available online, and will be able to customize them by choosing the color or adding their name for example." 

"At the same time," continues Sébastien, "this initiative allows us to support our printing customers during this difficult period. MaskFactory brings together suppliers and customers and offers them a solution that both are looking for."

The MaskFactory platform is based on the robust and scalable micro-factory solution. It allows printers to compensate for the loss of revenue due to the COVID-19 health crisis by offering them new business opportunities. Caldera will provide access to the digital business platform to its MaskFactory partners so they can offer customized consumer protection. "It's a win-win situation," says Sébastien. "Our customers can continue to do business during this difficult time, and individuals will be able to purchase certified protective masks that they will be happy to wear." Caldera is working with partners in Europe and the U.S. to bring the MaskFactory service to consumers.

To support local printers in each region, the MaskFactory platform is designed to route orders to producers located near the customer. In addition to supporting the local economy, this feature will reduce carbon emissions when transporting masks over long distances.

The 3-layer masks comply with the French standard AFNOR SPEC S76-001:2020. They are produced with sublimation printing on the outside, using eco-solvent inks certified ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX. They consist of a 100% woven polyester lining, with an inner lining of non-woven polypropylene. Finally, all materials are manufactured in France and Europe.