What is the idea behind MaskFactory?

Caldera launched MaskFactory because we wanted to help our printing customers, especially those who manufacture printed sportswear. Due to the COVID-19 health crisis and the suspension of sports competitions, these companies need to find new customers to secure the jobs of their employees.

Thus, as an IT company, Caldera wanted to create a sales platform that would allow its customers to sell their products to the general public and thus help them maintain or relaunch their business. The platform is free of charge for Caldera certified customers. 

What is a barrier mask?

A barrier mask (also known as a "barrier mask" device) is a protective mask designed to complement  social distancing rules. It is intended for the general public.

The barrier mask in no way exonerates the user from the systematic application of barrier gestures, which are essential, as well as the rules of social distancing aimed at fighting viral infections.

This device is not intended for use by healthcare personnel in contact with patients. FFP2 type filtering masks and masks for medical (or surgical) use are intended to be used and reserved for healthcare personnel.

The health instructions are presented on the French government's website.

What is the AFNOR standard?

AFNOR has worked on a document that establishes the standards and specifications for barrier masks.  This standard specifies the minimum manufacturing, design and performance requirements, as well as the test methods for barrier masks, which may be reusable, intended to reduce the risk factor of general transmission of the infectious agent.

The AFNOR barrier mask device is neither a medical device within the meaning of Regulation UE/2017/745, nor personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation UE/2016/425. This standard harmonises the minimum requirements applicable to alternative devices to respiratory protection masks and surgical masks and supports potential manufacturers of these barrier masks.

When is the wearing of a barrier mask recommended?

The use of a barrier mask is advised for example for a person leaving home to go to the place of work or to make essential purchases in licensed establishments. This device can contribute to the protection of an entire group wearing this barrier mask.

How long do I have to wear my mask?

According to AFNOR, wearing a mask for half a day provides a protective barrier against possible viral penetration in the mouth and nose area of the user or a person in the vicinity. Its purpose is to protect this area from any contact with the hands. It is therefore advisable to change the mask or wash it regularly.

How often can I wash my mask?

Our masks are designed for approximately 30 washes. Washing relaxes the threads which become less tight and therefore less effective. We therefore recommend changing your masks after this number of washes.

Where are the masks made?

Our masks are manufactured (printed, mounted and sewn) by our printing customers, small and medium sized companies and French printers. 

Are there children's sizes?

The AFNOR does not provide an approved/certified size for children. The organisation recommends a single size of barrier mask from a 20 cm x 20 cm template.

How should I wash my mask?

It is not recommended to use specific products other than the usual detergent without first ensuring that they are not toxic through inhaled residues and that their use does not degrade the materials. The complete washing cycle (wetting, washing, rinsing) must be at least 30 minutes with a washing temperature of 60° C.

How is my mask printed?

Our masks are printed by sublimation on printers using eco-solvent or water-based inks. Only the outer fabric is printed.

We advise you to wash your mask in the washing machine at 60°C the first time before wearing it.

How many masks do you recommend?

We recommend changing masks every day and washing them every evening after wearing them. In order to optimise the alternation between wearing and washing, we advise each member of the family to have 2 masks.

Does wearing a mask replace barrier gestures?

The mask does not in any way exempt the user from the application of barrier gestures which are essential